Long ago and far away in a magical land called San Francisco in the year of our Lord 2000, Karen Warner and the late John Cantu put their heads together and hatched the idea of forming an improvisational comedy troupe. Actually, Katherine Murphy came up with the name because one year she dated "too many Larrys."

John, a founder of the SF institution Comedy Day in the Park, and Karen, a comedy writer and improv aficionado, gathered together a merry band of players - Joan Carter, Grace Sargent, Nick Leonard, Aaron Task, Ann Feehan, Katherine Murphy, Stephanie Milligan, and Jim Cranna - and called them the Too Many Larrys (TML).

Before you could say, "Tell me the name of your first pet!" the Larrys were performing at venues all around the City including the Punch Line, Eureka Theatre, Mock Café, and Sweetie's Café. In 2003, John Cantu passed away and went to that big Comedy Show in the sky. Karen assumed the role of Director, and the Larrys continued on their mission to tickle the funny bone of every man, woman and child in the Bay Area.

Today, the Larrys consist of a talented group of improvisers - MaryAnn Johnston, Mick Laugs, Paula Mancillas, Lisa Safran, and Bruce Yelaska - who regularly perform at the Alano Club in San Francisco. In addition, to live performances they are also the stars of a monthly television show aptly titled The Too Many Larrys on Channel 29 in San Francisco.